Digital lockstitch with digital presser foot, digital stitch adjustment, automatic thread trimmer, digital bartacking and short thread trimming. Oil pan detached.

Jack A4S Oil Pan

Digital Stitch Length

The stitch length can reach 0.1mm controlled by a stepper motor. The stitch length adjustment lock function has also been introduced.

Digital Footlifter

Foot lifter digitally controlled by a stepper motor. It is possible to adjust up to 13 levels from the panel with one click.

Jack A4S is suitable for all different types of materials
Jack A4S Oil Feeding Reminder

Sewing Pattern

You can create beautiful ornamental stitches, thanks to the alternating stitch length and repetitions. They can also be modified according to different needs.

Silent Bartack

Thanks to the structure of the stepper motor for electronic bartack, noise has been drastically reduced: this allows you to work in a quieter and more comfortable work environment.

Jack A4S Bird Nest Prevention
Jack A4S Semi Dry Head

Short Thread

You no longer need to cut the remaining thread: this avoids the risk of ruining the work and saves time and money. In addition, the machine also allows you to activate the initial and / or final condensation stitch to avoid the unraveling of the seam.

Voice Guide

Using the machine, it will teach you the various functions itself, if there are any errors it will notify you and by clicking on the VOICE button it will suggest how to solve the problem.

Jack A4S Bird Nest Prevention

High Precision Overlap

The overlapping of the stitches can be done very precisely in all stitch lengths. Digital bartack function available.