Jack +

Buy a "+" series machine to have integrated wifi and use the free app to control it remotely.
NB: you need to purchase the gateway for the connection.

Amazon Server

The Jack software is in the cloud using the Amazon European Server (AWS) to be faster in sending and reading information and guaranteeing security at the highest level. You also avoid purchase and maintenance costs for servers or PCs.

App and WebApp

New graphic interface and Italian language for the free Android and iOS app in the Cloud and the WebApp for PC (No hardware or software installation is required).


  • State of the machine
  • Edit parameters
  • Productivity and operations statistics
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Notifications for calls, errors and faults
  • Sending the sewing pattern to the machine


Keep production under control in real time, thanks to the interactive graph. VIEW DEMO

Sewing Pattern

Are the sewing patterns not made in the same place of production? No problem, you can send it directly to your machine wherever you are via app or pc.


The Jack system open to third parties (API), with two-way communication to the machine via TCP-IP AND MQTT protocol connected to DATABASE IN CLOUD (GST, APS, MES) it can be certified as Industry 4.0.

Compatible Models

Lockstitch: A4E+, A5E+, A7+, A8+, A10+, A6F+, 5559+, 58420+
Overlock: C5S +, C6 +, C10+
Interlock: W4S-UT+, K5E-UT+, K10-UT+
Heavy Duty: H6+
Special: 1790+ , 1900+, 1903+
Postbed: S7+
Pattern Field: 1310+, 2210+, 3020+, 6040+, MG60+, MG80+, MS90+, MS100+, MX100+