New generation of top feed lockstitch jack machine for heavy material.

Jack JK-58750D Large Operating Space

Top feed

750W motor, extremely durable for heavy materials, sews 10 layers of medium-light leather with great results thanks to the penetration force increased by 36%.

Direct drive motor

The energy saving compared to the old models is 70%, moreover the motor is mounted directly on the shaft, eliminating vibrations and making it much quieter.

Feet Height Adjustment

Graduated lever for adjusting the stroke of the alternating feet according to the thickness of the material.

Simple panel

Easily adjust the speed and needle position at the seam end with one button. The safety button allows an immediate stop, while the quick reset allows you not to be afraid of making a mistake when changing the parameter values.

Jack JK-58750D Double Row LED Lights

Sealed Upper Needle Bar

No oil leakage thanks to the sealed bar which is lubricated with solid grease to avoid dirtying the materials.

Self-locking knob

Thanks to the knob with self-locking mechanical safety lever, it is possible to adjust the stitch with precision up to 8mm (it is possible to reach up to 12mm in the H2-A-CZ-12 model).