Electronic Lockstitch machine with new wifi module IOT 4.0., voice guide and button selector for light/medium material. Complete with thread-trimmer, back tack, footlifter, stitch end thickening, short end cut at 3mm, larger working space.

Bartack lever and stitch adjustment

Mechanical bartack lever and manual stitch length adjustment with knob.

Light/medium selector

Easily adjust the type of fabric between light and medium without tools.

Short Cut Double Knife 3.0mm

It is no longer necessary to cut the remaining thread: this avoids the risk of ruining the work and saves time and money. It is also possible to insert the final and/or initial condensing stitch to avoid undoing the stitch.

Increased arm

300mm×128mm Large operating space, easy insertion, even down jackets, quilted jackets and small sewing programs can be sewn smoothly.

No oil

The oil pan is sealed, preventing dust from entering, keeping the machine clean and durable, ensuring perfect lubrication.


The head is dry, the needle bar in black DLC (treatment that is used to give high hardness and wear resistance) is lubricated with grease.

Industry 4.0 IOT

Thanks to the integrated WIFI module you can modify the parameters and control the productivity of the machine directly from the application. NB: a Jack gateway must be purchased for every 50 machines


Dealing with curtains or fabrics that are difficult to feed? No problem! It is possible to install the digital Jack puller which will clearly change the performance on difficult fabrics.