4 needle 6 thread feed of the arm machine with cover stitch. Direct drive motor, pneumatic thread trimmer and suction suitable for underwear, swimsuits, neoprene diving suits, sportswear.

Jack JK-T1377E Pattern Switch

Small cylinder bed

The small arm measures only 150mm, making the machine suitable for closing very small tubes.

Automatic Presser Foot Lifter

The automatic foot lifter with spring structure allows wide adaptability to various types of fabric.

Jack JK-T1377E Intelligent Configuration

Pneumatic Thread Trimmer (UTL)

Thanks to the integrated photocell it is possible to activate the automatic cut at the beginning and end of the seam, furthermore the suction takes away the excess chain stitch.

Wasted suction device

The waste generated by the trimming knife are sucted keeping the workspace tidy and clean, without accumulating dirt.

Jack JK-T1377E Easy Use

Direct drive motor

Silent motor with reduced vibrations and low energy consumption, it also allows greater safety and speed in assembly and installation.

No oil leaks

Thanks to the sealed structure, you will not have oil leaks that will ruin your clothes.