Machine for automatically sewing the bottom hem of t-shirts. Load the knitwear on the rollers, the photocells will automatically recognize the garment and tension it before auto-aligning it and sewing the hem.

Automatic hemming

The air jet combined with the double guide controlled by the photocells is able to create a perfectly flat and precise hem.

Side Seam Recognition

The photocell makes it possible to recognize the side seam of the t-shirt, therefore the seam will start and end exactly on the overlap.

T-shirt Size

The mechanical adjustment of the distance of the tensioner rollers allows you to adjust the circumference of the t-shirt from 400-900mm for adults to 250-600mm for children.

High performance

Acceleration from 0 to 5000rpm is just 18ms. Deceleration from 5000rpm to 0 is only 24ms. Furthermore, the maximum speed that can be reached is 6000rpm.

Ceramic thread holder

We have taken care of every detail in order to achieve maximum performance while maintaining the quality of the stitch and simplicity when sewing.

New thread tensioner device

For a more precise and personalized adjustment.

Step motor

Thread trimmer and presser foot lifter are controlled by a step motor making them twice strong and long lasting compared to the old magnet.

Thread Break Sensor

The alarm warns you when the thread breaks and the machine it stops automatically so as not to ruin the work.

Touch Screen Display

The unit is controlled from the touch screen panel and allows you to enter customized settings that will automatically adapt the machine. There is no shortage of sewing tests, of the guides, of the rollers, of the presser foot lifter and of the thread trimmer of the Jack K6: Jack's most performing 3-needle sewing head.

T-shirt Bottom hemming

Processing takes place automatically in compliance with quality standards with precise overlaps and accurate cuts.

Industry 4.0

Thanks to the integrated WIFI module you can modify the parameters and control the productivity of the machine directly from the application. (optional) NB: a Jack gateway must be purchased for every 50 machines.