Electronic zig zag machine with direct drive motor on the upper shaft, lockstitch, with thread trimmer, feed dog with stitch length adjustment through the touch panel which also allows you to select the different ornamental stitches already stored in the memory. Ability to build other programs directly on the machine and also store them in the internal memory.

Variety of products

Suitable for: women's underwear, jackets, gloves, reinforcements, elastics and other products that require zigzag stitching.

Jack F4 High voltage protection

Easy needle oscillation adjustment

Through a digital oscillation system, it is possible to adjust the most comfortable height for the user.

Automatic devices; high efficiency

Automatic Thread Trimmer, automatic presser foot lifter. Thread tension release and optional cleaning functions; sewing efficiency increases by 35%.

Jack F4 Suitable For light and heavy fabric.
Jack F4 smart and easy panel

Artificial Intelligence

Equipped with a Artificial Intelligence, for hook lubrication only. The needle bar and other components are lubricated through a micro-lubrication system, which prevents stains and leaks.

LCD Panel

The machine is equipped with a large LCD touch panel. The icons on the display are intuitive and easy to understand. Provided with a list of patterns, the user can directly select the desired sewing from the panel, without having to modify it.

USB interface

The USB input allows you to copy some data from the operating panel. It is also useful for software updates.

Customizable sewing patterns

Users can customize the sewing patterns from the Operation Panel, or load / copy designs from other machines, according to their needs. In addition, these additional patterns can be saved directly on the operation panel, via the USB port.

Conversion of the shell point

With the button (in the figure) that allows the conversion of the shell point, when you reach the corner the direction can be reversed, ensuring an accurate and aesthetically beautiful stitch.