Mechanical Buttonhole machine driven by an integrated single shaft motor has low vibration, low noise, high efficiency and excellent sewing quality. Automatic thread trimmer and foot lifter controlled by a stepper motor to improve efficiency and reduce labor. New panel with automatic piece counter function. Suitable for sewing buttonholes on various fabrics, shirts, overalls, T-shirts.

New Line

With integrated control box and motor they allow a easier transport and quick machine installation.

Step motor

The cutting and lifting of the foot are controlled by a low-vibration, low-noise stepping motor that promises high production performance with great energy savings.

Quick Response Low Noise

We have added a double check on the operation of the motor to make it faster and more precise: first it slows down and then stops, keeping the noise below 83 decibels at 3600 rpm.

For Knitwear (K)

The rounded plate is dedicated to stretch fabrics and knitwear, the arched foot reduces the possibility of thread breakage. Suitable for swimwear and stretch with ribbing.

Short thread 3mm (X)

It does not require a second manual cut, allowing you to save time and money by increasing productivity. (optional)

End bobbin thread sensor (F13)

The panel warns you when the lower thread is about to run out and allows you to change it in time, and air is also needed to keep the sensor clean. (optional)

Advanced LCD Display

More functions just a click away, easy and intuitive thanks to the large icons on the keys and on the display, no need to read the manual.

Broken thread sensor

The alarm warns you when the thread breaks and the machine stops automatically so as not to ruin the work. Function can be deactivated from the panel.

Automatic Counter

It keeps track of the buttonholes made and notifies you when you have reached the target you have set.

Automatic footlifter

Time and energy savings combined with a stepping motor that allows you to activate it with a touch and view its status on the LCD panel.