Needle Feed

Compared to normal feed with only the movement of the feed dog, this system allows you to drag light / medium fabrics such as sheets and curtains thanks to the needle bar that moves together with the material.

Digital Stitch Lenght

The stitch length can reach 0.1mm controlled by a stepper motor. The stitch length adjustment lock function has also been introduced.

Silent Bartack

Thanks to the structure of the stepper motor for electronic bartack, noise has been drastically reduced: this allows you to work in a quieter and more comfortable work environment.

Sewing Motifs

You can create beautiful ornamental stitches, thanks to the alternating stitch length. They can also be modified according to different needs.

Voice Guide

Using the machine, it will teach you the various functions itself, if there are any errors it will notify you and by clicking on the VOICE button it will suggest how to solve the problem.

Integrated Puller (PK)

New digital puller completely integrated into the machine (control box included). The digital controls are also placed directly on the machine display.

Oversized Arm

300mm × 130mm: Large operating space, easy work insertion, even quilts and quilted jackets can be easily worked on.

Short thread 2 knives

The double knife thread trimmer allows you to cut the very short thread at 3mm, avoiding having to finish the garment with scissors.

Sealed oil pan

The oil pan is sealed, prevents the entry of dust, keeping the machine clean and resistant, ensuring perfect lubrication. OIL INDICATOR allows easy control of the oil level by constantly monitoring it.


Dry head : No oil, the head is lubricated with grease. It is also equipped with a black needle bar in DLC (Diamond Like Carbon), it is the treatment that is used to give high hardness and resistance to wear.

Topstitching trausers waistband (PK-F)

Topstitching trousers waistband for blind seams with integrated puller close to presser foot controlled by panel, double compensated foot with spring loaded bow and column stand.