Jack JK-8569E-01GB/UT Auto Thread-Trimmer

Automatic Thread Trimmer

The automatic thread cutting at the end of the seam allows you not to cut it manually, greatly improving production efficiency.

Automatic footlifter

When sewing is finished, the machine will automatically raise the presser foot by activating the automatic thread trimmer.

Jack JK-8569E-01GB/UT Auto Thread-Trimmer


Thanks to its structure it is possible to change the distance between the needles, moreover the threading of the machine is facilitated thanks to the release of the hook holder.

Heavy Duty material? No problem

With the puller, the feeding becomes uniform and particularly suitable for thick and difficult feeding materials.

Jack JK-8569E-01GB/UT Auto Thread-Trimmer

Various types of work

Suitable for attaching elastic, attaching ribbons, on the front of shirts.


Sure! The JK-8009HF is suitable for sewing the waistband!