About us

Jack is a Chinese company based in Taizhou near Shanghai, listed on the stock exchange (code: 603337) founded in 1995 with more than 8000 employees, focused on the production and development of sewing machines.

Research and Development

14 Research & Development Buildings with over 1000 employees.

Sewing Machines

A vast line that covers every garment production need from light to heavy: lockstitch, overlock, interlock, heavy duty, zigzag, postbed, pattern field, special, motors and accessories all with touch screen panels and voice guidance function.


Due to the shortage of skilled labor, Jack is developing more and more automatic models.

Cutting Deal

Jack is the owner of the German company BULLMER a historic leader in the cutting sector.

Shirts Deal

Jack is the owner of the Italian company MAICA leader in automated shirts production.


Jack is the owner of the Italian company VIBEMAC leader in automated jeans production.

Hanging Production

Jack supplies the hanging production system connected to the machine display and MES software.

Intelligent Warehouses and AGV

PTL warehouses for spare parts with LED lights to quickly recognize the location of the part. Three-dimensional warehouses for automatic and intelligent storage of goods. AGV robot for product handling facility.

Fabric Inspection Feature

The machine checks whether the fabric has imperfections before processing the garment; in this way unnecessary work is avoided saving mean while money and time.

Total Solution

Jack can provide hanging production system, automatic cutting, shirts and jeans operation, shoes and clothing inspection, intelligent warehouses and solar panels with storage batteries.

World N.1

With more than 8200 resellers worldwide, marketing network covers more than 110 countries. Jack is the FIRST sewing machine company in the world in terms of turnover and pieces sold quantity.

Spare Parts and Assistance

In Italy Jack has a network of 336 resellers who provide spare parts and technical assistance throughout the country.

3 Years Warranty

Jack Italia since September 2023 has been providing a 3-year warranty on all electronic components as they are manufactured directly within the company and not purchased from third-party suppliers.


Creation of castings, numerical control drilling, assembly, handling with AGV, packaging and storage in three-dimensional warehouses allow us to produce a machine every 2 minutes.

Strategical Parteners

A strong collaboration with large companies allows us to develop avant-garde products with the latest technologies on the market.

Jack Testimonial

Several world-renowned clients from different fields of the industry have choosen Jacks sewing machine.