Postbed Electronic Machine with roller feeding. Machine with Thread Trimmer, bartack and Foot lifter. Integrated LCD panel. USB port.

Slim Postbed

With a slim Postbed design, it is suitable for smaller gauge bottom seams, side parts and corners (ex: bags, baby shoes, boots etc).

Voice Guide

Thanks to the voice guide you can solve faults and errors. Furthermore, thanks to the reset button, users can reset their parameters as needed, you don't have to worry about making mistakes.

Double USB port

The double USB interface allows you to recharge a smartphone, power up a fan, light or other accessories and allow you to update the software for future functions or problem solving.

High mechatronic efficiency

It is equipped with automatic thread trimmer, automatic reverse sewing and built-in motor, which can increase efficiency by more than 40%.


The starting and ending bartack leaves the stitches beautiful and clean thanks to the precision of the needle.

High drilling capacity

It can penetrate more than 95 layers of A4 paper and the ultra-heavy fabrics of work shoes can be easily sewn.