Advanced electric high speed sewing machine with 3 easy to change function modes, manual, semi-automatic and automatic. Lubricated needle bar, vibrations and noise reduced to a minimum. Photocells, short thread cutting, fabric thickness detection, automatic presser foot lifter.

L/M/H selector

By means of a lever it is possible to change the inclination of the feed dog according to the type of light, medium or Heavy Duty fabric, this allows to meet the various work needs. (PATENTED)

Thickness sensor

Through the automatic sensor that detects the thickness of the fabric, the torsion of the motor increases and at the same time the ability to sew on a raised fabric flap improves.

Voice Guide

The machine will teach you the various functions itself, if there are errors it will notify you and by clicking the VOICE button it will suggest how to solve the problem, also with a single key you can return to the initial settings.

Short thread

Thanks to the automatic electric cutter controlled by the photocells, the cut is 5mm behind and 10mm in front.

Ultra fast start and stop

Compared to other computerized machines, the response time to start and stop is reduced by 40-50%, combined with a speed of 7,000 rpm, productivity increases by 35%.

Industry 4.0 (Optional)

Thanks to the integrated WIFI module you can modify the parameters and control the productivity of the machine directly from the application. NB: a Jack gateway must be purchased for every 50 machines